Lacevember quiz:

The knitting questions, or the usual suspects

How long have you been knitting?
About 25 years!
How did you learn to knit?
My grandmother taught me when I was a wee child of 5 or 6. She taught me how to crochet too.
Favorite thing about knitting?
Useful items result.
How long have you been knitting lace?
A couple of months. Icarus was my first completed lace shawl, and the Harebell Lace Socks were my first completed lace socks.
Favorite thing about knitting lace.
A little yarn goes a long way!

The yarn questions, or flash your stash

Favorite lace yarn?
The cashmere I got from Colourmart.
variegated or solids for shawls?
Solids or nearly solids.
Favorite lace color?
Earthy or jewel tones (I know it's not a color, so shoot me).

Technique, or show us your skillz

Circs or straights?
Both - small items like scarves I sometimes use bamboo straights, otherwise circs.
Favorite lace knitting trick?
There are tricks? :) Doing crazy increases or decreases with a crochet hook. I have mad crochet hook skillz.
Lifelines? If so with what?
I did use lifelines for Icarus - crochet cotton size 30. But not since.
Fancy blocking wires, or just sewing pins stuck in your carpet?
T-pins stuck in the carpet. I may get some sort-of blocking wires today though... (you'll see...)

Pattern, or can you follow directions

shawls or lacey items?
Both. I love all lace!
triangle, rectangle, or circular shawls?
I have done or am doing triangular and rectangular, but not circular. But I have plans for the Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace, so, all of the above.
Charts or printed instructions?
Charts all the way!
Favorite lace you've knit?
Swallowtail, I think. Except for the whole "I can't breathe" part.
Favorite lace you want to knit?
Shetland Tea Shawl or Cherry Blossom Shawl from IK Spring 2002.

Just Fun, yup that's right, just for fun

Favorite jelly belly flavor?
Yuck. I don't like Jelly Bellys. But I do like Red Hots. So if there is a Jelly Belly flavor that tastes like Red Hots, that's the one.
Tell me everything you know about Eric the Red.....
Um. His name was Eric. He was red. (Just kidding.) He had red hair? Or maybe he was just a savage warrior and caused lots of death (hence the 'Red'). He was a Viking. Maybe he was one of those Vikings that got to the New World (Greenland?) before Columbus. OK, I don't really know anything about Eric the Red.
Coke, classic or with lime?
Classic, but I prefer Pepsi.
Holiday carols, sing along, or wish they would be banned from all public airwaves?
Carols! But the old ones, from the 40s - 60s. Modern recordings of carols suck (in general).
What is the definition of irony?
When something (and expression or whatnot) is used to mean something different than the literal meaning.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
The world may never know.
Why is my cat always puking in front of my son's bedroom door?
Your cat is offended by the odors eminating from within (no offense to your son - odors always eminate from boy's rooms).
What is your superhero power?
Flame on.
If the laundry is 9 foot by 11 foot (just dreaming, that's a big laundry room), and the walls are 8 feet tall, and you are going to tile the entire room in tiles that are 3 inches by 5 inches, what color should those tiles be?
Sunny sunlight yellow. Note: this is NOT the yellow from the 70s, which was exactly the color of the kitchen in the house that I grew up in. (The phone was yellow too, but thankfully, the appliances were not.) A nice light cheery yellow to help make laundary a little less painful.
What's for dinner tonight?
Sauteed brussel sprouts, chicken, and rice, or maybe quinoa. I have the day off - woohoo! - so I can cook!
What is clogging my children's bathtub drain?
Silly putty?


At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Marisa said...

You government employees!!! I mean for goodness' sakes, of course you deserve the day off... and I'm sure Mary is in little furry princess heaven right now...

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

I've been meaning to try the colormart cashmere! So you like it?! It's good to hear from another knitter, now I will certainly order some!

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Karen said...

You are so right about odors from boys' (fumes) rooms.


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