Question: How Long Does it Take to Knit One 8-Inch Square?

Answer: If your name is Carrie it might take a month.

Another Question: Why do you commit yourself to more things than you can reasonably do?

Answer: If your name is Carrie it is because you are crazy.

My square for the Knit A Square for Grandmother Purl campaign is done!

Artistic-like shot.

The really really sad thing is that I started it practically the first day the call went out but kept having the rip it out and start over due to my inability to anticipate the final gauge for cables.

Not-so-artistic shot that clearly shows lovely cable action.

I believe I have knit this square seven times. Not the same square, mind you. Several different cable patterns involving quite a few different numbers of stitches cast-on were attempted and then subsequently discarded. I did so want to send something really special, and nothing says special like cables!

This pattern combination is called "Liverpool" for the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 2 and is knitted on US size 7 needles in Cascade 220 superwash, color: radioactive green. Neither of these photos due the color justice. It is sort of Incredible Hulk green. Green Lantern Green. I'm not sure if it was bombarded with cosmic rays, gamma rays, was bitten by a radioactive spider, or what. Let's just call it Superhero Green, shall we? I sure hope the afghan-assemblers can find squares in other colors that will play nice with the Super Radioactive Cable Square!


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