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How to Get Your Zygocactus to Grow

Schlumbergera truncata

Also known as Christmas Cactus, after the time of year in which they traditionally bloom. I have had these little beauties before, though they never have bloomed after the first year I had them. Although supposedly they bloom in response to photoperiod (lengthening periods of darkness) I really do think it was leaving them outside until it got down to fairly low temperatures (50°F? 45°F?) that did the trick. The ones with the white flowers have huge blossoms:

You can get your own zygocactus for fairly cheap: they were selling small ones just a bit smaller than the ones we have for only $3 at the Union Square farmer's market. Supposedly you can also propagate with vegetative cutting, though I have yet to try (although I probably will this year since we have so many!) I think they would make a nice gift. :)

Salina Update

I have indeed ripped the sleeve out, and I had to hold back the tears. Sixty rows! I have decided to follow the shaping for the sleeves of Equestrian Blazer from IK Winter 2006 up to the sleeve caps and then switch over to the Salina pattern to make it match up (I hope). The sleeves for "my" size start at only 9.25" in width, and I made it even a bit smaller (about 9"), while the sleeves of Salina were at about 10.5". The sleeve looks much more reasonable in size, while still being loose enough to allow for layering I think. I am going to make full-length sleeves, to keep my skinny arms warm. I am only back to row 35 though, almost halfway done with the arm below the sleeve cap. :(

Oh yeah, some people ran by my house this weekend:

Almost 38,000, in fact.


At 4:08 AM, Blogger Grace Yaskovic said...

Hi I keep my Christmas Cactus outside from Mothers Day until October something (just before frost) and it blooms like this every year. Mine is 30 years old, when several bracts broke off during a storm I gavet hem to the adult children who do not put it outside for the summer, they do not get flowers. Mine is pink

By the way I am part of Lacevember too--just in case you wonder how I wandered here!

At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Marisa said...

See, I've always called them Hanukka cactuses because they bloom randomly, sometimes in November, sometimes in December... you just never know when they're going to pop up.


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