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My ISE scarf is almost done! Almost! Done! She is blocking right now, in 2 pieces, because there is no way that I can accomodate a 6'+ scarf on my livingroom floor. This provided a nice before & after shot halfway through the blocking process:

Bad flash! Bad!

The magic of blocking never ceases to amaze me. I have to say that the pattern is slightly less well-defined than as it is shown in the book (although I did use a different yarn...) Nevertheless she is lovely and soft and cuddly and I don't want to give her up! All that's left is the seaming (the weaving of ends is done) and to take some glamour shots tomorrow, and then off she goes to the other coast.

And in other before & after news I made a fabulous discovery this afternoon. I own a size 10 circular needle. Longer than 12". Hip hip hooray! If you recall, Absorba, the bathmat-turned-carpet was being knit on old size 10 aluminum straight needles:

Following the straight and narrow.
You will ignore the hair in the photo.

The piece had grown sufficiently to actually pain me with the weight of the needles plus fabric. At the end of the last section I switched to the circulars and it is knitting heaven:

(Not really - it is still knitting with kitchen cotton held double on size 10 needles...) Now at least I'll maybe I can make a little progress on this thing!


At 6:47 AM, Blogger Gigi said...

Hi Carrie!
Cita was a rescue from the Humane Society so we just called her a Domestic Short Hair. I’d send you a picture if the comment editor would let me! Anyway, she died at the tender age of 10 from some unknown cause that could not be treated. I console myself that she had a good life and was such a joy! A real “character” who always knew when I’d fallen back to sleep after my alarm clock went off and would wake me up! Now I have to be vigilant instead. :-D

We are fortunate here that the rain was not so hard that all the leaves are gone. There are many down but it is still beautiful. I intend to go out on a bike trail later today to enjoy the remaining fall beauty. Here’s hoping the leaves don’t make it slippery…

I have the best of both worlds where I live. I am a bit less than an hour’s drive from a large (read that as 1.5 million residents or so) city where there is theater and other entertainments. However, the small city where I live has that hometown kind of feel with all the amenities I could want close at hand. And lucky for me one of them is a LYS which is sizable!

Your ISE scarf is LOVELY! This exchange has really taught me the miracle of blocking. The scarf I sent off was blocked to remove a slight bow on one side, however, I was unprepared for how blocking made the pattern “pop”. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m hooked! (pardon the pun…) I envy knitters like you who can create beautiful lace. It has such a different character from that produced by crochet. That and socks may eventually make me try knitting again! My knitting group is addicted to socks so I see gorgeous ones EVERY week. Do you have pals with whom you stitch?

Have a wonderful weekend!

At 7:58 AM, Blogger peaknits said...

The Backyard Leaves is gorgeous - and gives me hope that my lumpy blod will eventually resemble leaves:) I am stalled at 50% done right now, but making some progress on a sweater. Weekends are made for knitting!!

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Opal said...

Isn't blocking magical? I love that scarf!


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