Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Yeah, I'm a bit late.

First off, I just have to say thank you for so many lovely comments from the last post. It is really much appreciated. And yes, to me, eight is a lot.

This past week has been a blur. First I went home for the weekend to go to my sister's Halloween party. Though I have no photos from that (pirate-themed) event (yet), I do have a surreptitiously taken, and consequently blurry, shot of the bizarro train I rode on:


Hallowen was a blast. Earlier this week Swallowtail made her debut here:

Butterfly was phenominal. The only disappointment was Un bel di, which is one of the most recognizable pieces from the opera. You know it. It's like La donna 'e mobile or Nessun dorma or O mio babbino caro, and countless others. They are timeless classical arias that everyone has heard, everyone recognizes, whether they want to admit it (or even know that it's opera) or not. Anyway. Un bel di. It was a disaster. The first few lines were very, very sharp, and the entire thing sounded completely disjointed, singer from orchestra. The rest, breathtaking. A superior cast and an interesting production, one that I did not dislike. The use of bunraku-style puppets was very effective. Anyway, a good time.

October sky:

This photo taken waiting for the bus after work on Halloween night. It really wasn't that late (5:00 maybe?), but how dark it has become since the Daylight Savings change.

And finally, look who's blocking:

Onward to the sleeves...


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