More Stash Enhancement

I have made some true progress on Backyard Leaves - she is but one pattern repeat away from being complete - but no photos to show, since she doesn't look like much with seaming not done and ends a trailing... I may get to block her tomorrow and send her on her merry way, though I will be sad to see her go, to my ISE pal. I hope she likes she as much as I do, because if not I will gladly take her back!

Anyway. Since yesterday I posted some pictures of recent stash enhancement I thought I would let you in on a little secret: I did the same thing last month! Here are the photos to prove it:

In the back a cone of eggplant colored alpaca silk from WEBS. I'm guessing a gagillion yards because the yarn is really fine and the cone is really big! And it is super soft and a lovely yummy color.

A cone of 100% cashmere from Colourmart in a a nice light spring green. The sticker in the cone says the color (or colour, as it were) is "steptoe" (I kid you not). Can someone tell me what that means? Because I am really confused. Also, please tell me the cashmere on a cone washes up softer, because it is really not soft right now.

A cone of Euroflan linen in color Neptune. It is a tiny cone, but then so is the yarn. I think a more descriptive word for it might be string.

A big hank of Skacel merino lace (100% merino). The color is called something like "sunshine" or "sunlight" or something like that, but it is so pale as to be not really yellow at all. I am not much of a pastel person as you probably can guess by my normal choices, but it looked so warm and sunny on the internet. Ah well, it still feels nice and soft.

Another big hank of laceweight, this time Ornaghi filati Merino Oro in a medium-dark green. It doesn't actually say specifically but I'm guessing this is, uh, merino? (Specifically it only says "pure new wool" on the label.) This yarn was originally for my lace swap pal, until I found out green was her least-favorite color. Whoops.

Can you guess what I am going to be knitting a lot of in the near future?

The three little skeins on the left are 100% baby camel. Baby camel people! Have you ever seen a baby camel? Like a baby anything, they are so cute! I got this yarn at School Products here in Manhattan on a shopping expedition for my lace swap pal. (Didn't end up getting anything for her there either!)

Can you see the knitting needles there on the table as well? These were from three different purchases: The wooden dpns are US size 2 which I bought in possible anticipation of using that silk I reclaimed a while back. We'll see. The two sets of straights on the right are casein in size 2.25mm and 2.75mm, which I think are US size 1 and 2, respectively. I saw these on closeout (they were being discontinued) at an online store I can't remember now and I had to buy them because casein is a milk protein. How cool is that? The final pair are a set of Skacel dpns show up close below:

That's right - they are size 0000. I saw them at School Products and you know I had to buy them because oh how I love the tiny needles and I had never seen such small ones. Four zeros corresponds to 1.25mm, according to my sources. Yee haw! I can't wait to use them! (On what I don't know, however. Any ideas?) According to my sources knitting needles go down as small as 0.5mm (that's eight zeros in US equvalency units. Eight.) Where can I get me some of those? I'm crazy, yes I know.

Here is another closeup to compare the size of the size 0000 with the size 2 (to the left) and size 2 and 1 (casein, to the right). Ther really are like needles, in a "pins and needles" sort of way. I'm thinking some serious knitting injuries could occur with these...

That's not all of the stash! But it's enough for now. :)


At 12:13 AM, Anonymous sandra said...

Yarn in cone - love it and hate it at the same time; Love - no leftovers! Hate - can't knit two sleeves at the time!

Wish you happy and pleasant knitting! And that is the next opera you are going listen to?

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Froding said...

This is a call from Sweden! Thabks for the help with KAl. But as you see I already finished mine! But I hadnt read your blogg so that was nice. I can understand that you dont understand swedish, but I am telling just the same that you speak about in your blogg!! Little about me and my nearst and alot of my stash, books about knitting. And hockey of course! My team Färjestads BK was champions last year and Im going to watch the match tomorrow! Wich is your favorite team?? Good Night!! It is almost midnight in Sweden and the weather is almost late summer. BUT we can expect snow tomorrow!! From no clothes at all to mittns and hats!!

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Opal said...

Do I hear shawls in the future? That is some gorgeous yarn!


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