I've been a little busy lately... Here are just a few of the things I have been doing:

Last Tuesday I went to see this:

Which was wonderful and worth every penny let me tell you!

Then last weekend I went up north and went to a couple of fall festivals. This included gawking at these fellows:

Honest to goodness lumberjacks competing in a lumberjack competition doing lumberjacky-type things!

And of course buying things:

That is garlic infused vinegar people! Also purchased: White truffle oil (yum), rice soap (yum) and German White Garlic (yum)!

Sis and I also went hiking at one of my favorite places:

Sadly the trees had not really started to change yet.

Monday was a holiday for me, so I went for a walk in the Ramble at Central Park. I was looking for a quiet spot to do some knitting, which I couldn't find (there were like a gajillion people there - who knew how many people had Columbus Day off!) I did find this bit of color though:

That's sumac, but not the poison kind!

More to come!


At 10:51 AM, Blogger Cristina said...

maaaan i'm so jealous! you did honest to goodness autumnly activities (AND you have goods to prove it). aah...if only we had all the beautiful trees that you do on the east coast.
p.s. thanks for the history lesson on yarrow - i seriously thought knit picks just spelled "yellow" wrong - lol.


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