What the Heck?

I was prepared to get all crafty and show more photos of additional knits in progress, I really was. I also needed to do laundry today, and since I only have a total of five pairs of tights, one of which I was wearing at the time, I whipped them off to add them to the basket. (I also wanted to wash the black knee socks I was wearing since I have only one pair of really good knee socks). I reached into my sock drawer to replace them and encountered this:


I have not been wearing my handknit socks recently, and this is more than a little worrying. I recently had another sock exhibit the same odd hole, and this one was the first of a pair (ie not even finished yet). It's possible that the hole could have come from Mary, who has a taste for yarn (no lie). It's possible it could have been the result of carelessness on my part (some sharp object in the vicinity of my socks). Or, heaven forbid, it could be the result of something far more sinister (cue "horror" music)...

I now fear for all my hand knits. Come to think of it, Salina also has a hole under the arm (though it is right on the seam, and, given that was the first sweater I ever made, it's reasonable to think that my seaming wasn't quite up to snuff - though at the time I was rather proud of the job I did). I want to check all my socks (I only have nine pair total, including the above socks (which apparently aren't socks any more)) but at the same time I don't want to. The implications are frightening. What to do?!?


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