Spoilers (2 and 3)

The name of the game for men folk is simple. This the Fisherman's Watchcap from Knitting With Balls.


It's made with Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted that was left over/ the same as what I used for the Basketweave Scarf I gave my father for Christmas last year. In order to get enough bulk out of the yarn I knit it held double. This hat has a nice shape, plus uses a really squishy brioche stitch for the ribbed brim. I'm expecting it will be quite warm.

For the sister's boyfriend, a Classic World War II Watch Cap with cables:


This one is also knit with the same Nature Spun held double. The ribbing is a simple 2x2 and the cable a simple six stitch pattern. I'm hoping that the recipient's head isn't too much bigger than mine is, because there isn't a lot of room in this one!

I couldn't get very good pictures this time around - it's so dark and grey in winter!



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