There's one more gift being crafted currently, or rather, being procrastinated-upon, but I have no photos to share. Two years ago when my sister visited she greatly liked Absorba, the Bathmat, so I took it upon myself to make her one of her own the following Christmas. Alas, the following Christmas came and went and I never even got around to ordering the Peaches and Creme double worsted I wanted to use instead of the evil Sugar'n Creme worsted I used last time. Fast forward another year, to around November 15th (or so). The bug to knit another Absorba strikes again, and I quick order the yarn. No problem, I've got more than a month, right?


Absorba still is not finished. I had hoped to make it even bigger than mine, but right now it's a bit smaller, and I'm seriously considering just binding off and shipping it off. Heavy weight cotton still kills my hands.

It's the throught that counts, though, right?


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