Spoilers (1)

Is it a spoiler when the person the item is for doesn't know about the blog an therefore does not read it? Marching along in our tour of Things I Have Made Recently But Not Blogged About is Exhibit A:


This is the Banana Republic Hat Knockoff and it is for my mother. It's made from some of the Debbie Bliss Merino DK yarn (held double) that was intended for a sweater from Vogue Knitting a few years back but I never finished it (or apparently Raveled it) because it turned out too small in the body and it was looking like it was going to be difficult to modify without reknitting the entire thing. I am rather enamored this hat, and if my mother doesn't like it I'm taking it back!


What I really wanted was a nice circular pin for the hat, something like a starburst, but I couldn't find one anywhere. This piece of costume jewelry from Michael's (can you call it costume jewelry if it only cost $3.49?, or is that just junk?) came the closest. I didn't sew the flap down yet (the pin is the only thing holding it together!) in case my mother's head is bigger than mine and she needs more room.


All in all I think it is a nice knit, warm, and stylish!


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