Months With Only 28 Days In Them Either Suck or Rock

I can't decide which. On the one hand, my rent, phone, and internet is more expensive because I am paying the same price for fewer days. On the other hand, everything else is cheaper because there are fewer days in which to spend money buying food, gas, and heat. Hmmm.

I did accomplish some spinning during this short month! Here is my latest, an entry in the Ravelry Spindler's group monthly challenge, that I'm calling Black Magic Woman:


If you think it looks familiar it's because it's the fiber I showed on the spindle the last time I popped in for a visit. (Man, am I irregular or what?) And check it out, I don't know the WPI (and I'm too lazy to check right now) but it's pretty fine, the finest I've yet spun, and pretty consistent too. It is approximately 150 yds of 2ply, 26g (7/8oz).


And compared to J Knits Superwash Me Light Sock:


There are actually tons of nepps in the batt, kind of annoying actually since I am trying to spin it so fine. Grr! I end up stopping a lot to pick them out, and some crept into the yarn, so it is a little tweedy-looking. Still, I love the way the finished yarn looks. I can't believe I have 150 yds from less than an ounce! And I can't believe it is finer than the J Knits!

There's action on the knitting front as well. I finished plying (finally) the second skein of Vash the Stampede for a grand total of approximately 185 yds. I wound up a little ball from the first skein...


And even made a little swatch...


I was thinking originally of making Tudora, but the yarn is not bulky enough and I think it would end up quite floppy, which I do not want at all. It knits up at about 26 stitches per inch on US 4s, and I'm thinking going down a few more needle sizes would be wise. Still, the thought of a neck-warmer in this yarn is appealing. I'm itching to cast on. Any ideas?

(Oh, and still have not figured out what to do about the sleeve caps on Henley. Quite frustrating as I am this close to being finished!)


At 5:39 AM, Blogger Dave said...

The BMW looks wonderful (and thin!!), but I absolutely LOVE how Vash knit up -- so rich!

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Opal said...

you are blowing me away with your mad spindle spinning skills. so fine! so pretty!


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