Spoilers (4)

Last but not least in the hat roundup is my sister's gift, Julia's Cabled Headband:


Of course, my sister's name is not Julia, but whatever. :) This yarn is Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica that I got quite some time ago, around the same time as when I got the yarn for this scarf, but it isn't the same colorway though (that I can remember, I can't find the tag and I didn't write it down).

I made here some little wristlets in 2x2 ribbing to go along with it with the leftover yarn:


Mary just had to get in the picture there. (She looks mad, like I disturbed her or something, but really she isn't. She jumped up on the table and parked herself right in the middle where she saw me mucking about with the camera.)


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Sandra said...

OK, honey-bunny, you've been out of blogging for almost a year and now you can't stop posting!
I can't catch up with everything hereeeeeee!
VTW - looooove all the spoilers!


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