I Have a Song to Sing, Oh!

(Sing me your song, oh!)

Today I went here:

New York City Center

To see this:

The Yeoman of the Guard

Yeoman is one of those Gilbert & Sullivan pieces that seldom gets performed. It is one of the most melancholy and non-comedic operettas in the G & S canon, but it also has one of the most symphonic sounding of all overtures, and also has a fair number of lovely numbers as well, lesser known perhaps than, say, "I Am the Major Model of a Modern Major General", but charming in their own right. One of the best is the one referred to in the title, and this one received one of the biggest ovations of the afternoon.

As for the performance, well, the orchestra, while playing well, sounded underpowered. I couldn't see the pit from where I was sitting, so I actually couldn't see how big it was. Some of the performers were merely adequate, and couldn't really do the work justice. However, some were just great: Richard Alan Holmes as Sergeant Meryll, Laurelyn Watson Chase as Elsie Maynard, and, most especially Stephen Quint as Jack Point, who was the epitome of the classic G & S character. All three were in exceptionally good voice. (I felt so sad for Jack Point at the end, a true testament to Quint's performance.)

Incidentally, the choreography of the above performance was really amateurish. Really. At times I felt like I was watching a high school musical. Nearly every second was filled with pointless (and distracting) movements and motions. I'm not a huge proponent of stand and sing operas, but really, let the actors act. It's a wonder I could take any of them seriously with all the skipping and gesturing going on.

By the way, notice the opera glasses above? Those would be the most excellent Christmas present from one very generous roommate. Thank you M! Though I still feel a little selfconcious using them I am honored to have them. (They actually made their debut at I Puritani, but I forgot to include them in that post. Whoops!)

Resolution #5

I will not waste any more food.

I don't intentionally waste food, but it happens. Fresh produce, bread, and sometimes leftovers sometimes don't get eaten before spoiling. So, in the spirit of Resolutions # 2 and 3 (still) I will try to eat everything I buy before it goes bad. It may take a little creativity, but I am not one of those folks that doesn't like eating leftovers. Food is expensive (and time consuming to cook), so I'm going to try to not let any of it go to waste!

No knitting progress on anything, but hopefully I will have something enticing for tomorrow...


At 6:50 PM, Blogger peaknits said...

I am in awe of your opera fetish and understanding, I feel culturally bankrupt:) I'm in the midwest, I need to get out more.

Your food resolution echoes a conversation I just had - my mom and I were talking about this being a "resolution" for ourselves. I just throw away too much produce - waa! So I'll work on that one too - meanwhile, this morning, when I got my one big soda, I thought of you and your resolution - maybe this is the beginning of the end of this soda-hound?! I will use you for inspiration. I'll try. I am thinking 1 soda a day would be a good start (and subsequently more water I hope), I do pretty good most days - but weekends, its sooo easy to grab another one. ugh. I'm not even sure I'm convinced it's for the caffiene, I usually have decaf diet - ew, I know.


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