Resolution #3

I will cook from my stash.

In keeping with Resolution #2 a fair bit of cost reduction in other parts of my life will be necessary. And in keeping with the theme of knitting from the stash that I have seen circulating the blogosphere (and that I will have to exercise as well), I have decided to try to "cook from my stash". I have lots of basic ingredients with which to create some pretty interesting things, including an impressive (in my opinion) spice collection. I'll show it to you sometime, I promise, but not today. This is going to take a bit of dedication in terms of both time and patience, but I'm going to give it a try and see how far it takes me.

On tonight's menu: quinoa with onions and a nice salad. Not the most balanced of meals, but I don't have any plans to cut meat out of my diets, so it's fine for a day. Anyway, cooking from my stash doesn't mean I can't have desserts, so for my first trick I give you Gingerbread:

Would you believe there is no butter? None!

Having sweets around will help keep me from buying so much junk food at the grocery store as well, which may result in a "free" resolution (to be determined at a future date)!

A couple of days ago I mentioned that a certain project was almost finished...

Hey, is this thing edible?

This is the second sleeve of a certain Embellished V-neck. I did try blocking both sleeves at the same time, but they wouldn't fit on the corkboard. Sigh. I knitted them both at the same time from separate balls of yarn. What fun! Not really. It made the going really slow, but on the plus side, it eliminated the need for me to keep meticulous notes on shaping. The only thing left for me to do is some of the trim (and stay tumed to find out what I decided to do about the cuffs), the neck band (which involves picking up a ridiculous number of stitches), and all that seaming...

Finally, say goodbye to this sock:

But gosh, it kind of makes a nice armwarmer...

Let me explain. I have small wrists. Freakishly small wrists in fact. That sock fits my wrist perfectly. Which means I can't get the damn thing over my heel. Yeah. My first colorwork project (started literally years ago) was knitted a tad on the tight side. Well, that'll teach me to go so long without trying on my handknits. Live and learn! The maroon-colored yarn is the same as that which I am making the beaded rib socks out of, which is good since I am just about out of yarn and I would like to continue on for a while yet. On the downside, though, I think I need to wash the yarn before I incorporate it into those socks, because it is really crimpy from being knitted for so long. The socks will have to wait for a few days. Not to worry though, more nearly-finished projects await in the wings!


At 11:05 AM, Blogger schrodinger said...

That colorwork looks great! Sorry it's too small, I'm experiencing the same gauge issues with my colorwork at the moment. Hope it works out better.

At 5:02 PM, Blogger Opal said...

I love the colourwork! I love the gingerbread. Yum! I also have smallish wrists. It makes it hard to buy watches.


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