It's the End of the World As We Know It...

At least, it's the end of the summer as we know it. And I feel fine!

I was excited to get out of work and home at a reasonable hour (read: not after dark), so I planned on taking some progress photos in the waning afternoon light. The weather was just too darned beautiful though, so I swung by the park on my way home to eat dinner and enjoy one of the last nice days of the year. Unfortunately, by the time I got there it was rather overcast (although the temperature was still perfect), so no good photos were taken.

I did glimpse this on my way home:

Most of the trees around here are green still. There are some leaves on the ground already, but they are of the brown variety, and I don't know what they are from (I didn't look closely). All in all it has been a rather mild autumn so far.

I have been making progress on both Swallowtail and Salina these past few days. I am up to about halfway point on the Lily of the Valley chart #1 on Swallowtail. It is kicking my butt. I have to say, I heard all this talk about nupps and thought nupps? What the hell are nupps?


I have to do the p5tog with a size 00 dpn. That's how bad it is. They are slowing me down greatly, but I do like them a lot.

I had hoped to finish this shawl by today. A tad ambitious, aren't we? Do you think I can finish by next Tuesday? 32 rows left to go...

Salina is progressing as well. I am up to row 65 on the front, so I estimate it is almost 1/2 complete (the front, that it). Remember my gauge is different than that specified in the pattern, and I ended up with 152 rows for the back. (Do you hear that Ginny? I'm coming for you!)

In lieu of knitting photos I submit a shot of our teeny tiny kitchen for your amusement.

And I do so love to cook.


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous sandra said...

We also have mild, or better said warm autumn! And we have lots of virosis, due to weather conditin!

At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Marisa said...

Itty bitty kitchen! Hee hee. And yet you still manage to make a whole lot of really excellent food in there. You should put up a picture of our crazy 6-foot-tall patio tomato plants...


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