The Black Cauldron

I just had to say it! It's on TV! Right now! I love The Black Cauldron and have ever since I was a child. I think it may have been one of the first movies I saw in a theater. It certainly is one of the first I can remember.

Progress is being made on the new project d'jour:

Eight rounds of budding lace completed.

I do like this pattern a lot. It rather reminds me of Icarus. I have even joined the knitalong. :)

I have also been working on CFS quite a bit lately. Here is a shot from a few days ago showing the lovely pattern stitches:

Child's French Gloves?

I have actually finished the 11 pattern repeats of the leg and have started the heel flap already!

But no real progress on the ISE scarf, or Granmother Purl's square, or Salina. I am a bad knitter.


At 1:58 PM, Anonymous sandra said...

The coloure of yarn is great, as much as sock stitches! Keep on knitting!

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Opal said...

Your Swallowtail is looking extremely lovely. The yarn is a gorgeous colour.


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