Embellished V-Neck

The new sweater has gained some length, while all others languish:

I have finished the armhole shaping and am a mere 35 rows from binding off the back! My handy calculator tells me that I am 77% complete with the back. Not bad for mindless (= boring) stockinette. Really. The front should be more interesting though. (God I hope so.) I swear I did not intentionally buy taupe colored yarn. I don't actually remember the color I thought I ordered but this is what came. (It is actually very slightly lilac.) I hope it ends up looking ok - I really like the dark color of the sweater on the model but I didn't have anything dark that was even close to gauge. Ah, well, cross your fingers.

Mary had her annual check-up and vaccinations today. What a fun day that is, when then furball has to go in the carrier. She cries like she is mortally wounded from the very first second she goes in. It's even more fun carrying a yowling cat down 3 city blocks in New York. Yup, that's how far away I live from my vet. I love NY. For now. All is well, but... OK, she is a little overweight. By like 1-2 lbs. My baby has to go on a diet. Starting tomorrow.

This is on the loft frame (2" wide and 6' off the ground).

Look at me! I won't fall off! I'm graceful! (No, you are not.)


At 3:49 PM, Blogger Opal said...

Oh I can just imagine you carrying your poor baby 3 blocks and her yowling all the way! LOL Poor things!

I think your sweater is going to be gorgeous! The taupe is going to be screamingly elegant.

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous sandra said...

I will join yout can in diet!

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous sandra said...

Did you get my e-mail?


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