Still Being Really Good...

...at not casting on for any new patterns. Such restraint! Such self-control! Even though I want to kill myself what with wanting to make a plethera of new patterns from, oh, say, the new issue of Knitty, the new issue of Vogue Knitting (which I had lately come to despise, but oh those socks!), and 3 back issues of IK that I had ordered awhile back. I actually have only 4 projects that I am actively working on right now, and one of them is deadline knitting (although not all that soon). Did I mention great restraint?

Salina from Vintage Knits:

Miles of stockinette. I am beginning to appreciate "mindless knitting".

Three additional inches of progress have been made since this photo was taken last night, and only one more inch (approximately 6 rows) until the armhole shaping begins. Woo hoo! I am loving the visible progress forced by this strict knitting regimen! Can I just say that I have knit 90 rows on this sucker so far - NINETY. Holy crap, that's a lot of stitches. I am not 100% sure about using the handdyed yarn for this pattern, but I like it well enough, and the important thing is that it knits up nearly to gauge. Yay!

Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style:

Dig those organic-looking leaves.

I am all the way done with 8 pattern repeats already, so I am approximately 60 rows from the halfway point! Yes, the pattern actually calls for 11 pattern repeats, but I suspect I will run out of yarn if I do the full 11, so 10 it is. Besides, it is very stretchy and I think it is about 2' long now already anyway.

Mystery Stole is still stalled at 20 rows of the first chart of the first side. As soon as Backyard Leaves is done I will work on it in earnest. I PROMISE. And no other lace projects until I finish - or, at least, make some good headway.

The Log Cabin Rug is also stalled, simply by virtue of the fact that I can't very well take 2 cones of worsted weight cotton on the subway everywhere I go.

Prairie Tunic is still awaiting repair. Now that fall is here I suspect that will languish until spring! Let's not talk of this any further.

Trellis Scarf is on on hold indefinately because of the needle lending... although I do have those new Options needles in size 4...

That's it! I am dying to cast on for some more socks. I have some Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in a deep purply grape that is looking for the perfect pattern for, and some KnitPicks Essential in a burgandy that I could use too. Any ideas?

Finally, I am so glad it is cooling off. It gives me an opportunity to not buy so much soda and to dive into our tea stash:

The whole bottom shelf is 3 deep with tea boxes, by the way.

Must go to bed now, falling asleep sitting at the keyboard...


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous sandra said...

Girl, you are really funny! And what number of WIP! Do you have notebook to keep track?
BTW, BLS is great knitting!

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Ginny said...

I love your Backyard Leaves scarf! Beautiful yarn. That is the next one I want to make from that book, and I think my SIL in Brooklyn would love it.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Carrie said...

I am *loving* Backyard Leaves, and the Cashmerino Aran, so much that it will be difficult to give away! I will have to make another in the future for me!

Nope no notebook, I am a real slacker in the organization department, though I am trying to get better. :)

At 2:35 PM, Blogger peaknits said...

I love your color and yarn selection for Backyard Leaves - I know this is going to be in my "notebook" as well!

At 6:09 PM, Blogger Opal said...

I really love the way Backyard Leaves is turning out! Wonderful job!


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