Denial Is a River In Egypt

Ok well first of all I am a complete idiot. Remember that pile of WIPs from a few weeks ago?

One back and two fronts, complete with custom cables, plus swatch. What was I thinking?

I pulled out the blue Vogue cardigan too see what still needed to be done with it and I realized several things:
  1. My gauge was way way off. There was no way that the pieces would assemble into a garment that would even remotely fit me. I mean, I'm not sure that it would fit my cat.
  2. The gauge was so loose and knitted on such big needles that I could see through the knitted fabric. Through it. It was supposed to be a sweater.
  3. I failed to write down which needles I used. Size 9? Size 10 1/2? Hard to say. The pattern calls for size 10, which I actually do not own and which is considerably different than that specified on the ball band (which is 5-6). Hmmm.
  4. Did I mention that it would never, ever fit?
I think I am one of those people who just keeps knitting a thing even thought it becomes more and more obvious as time goes on that it is really wrong. I had to stop the maddness:

This picture shows the color the most accurately.

It is really difficult for me to frog anything but it had to be done. And this is what I leaned I can make if I am dedicated. And only work on one project at a time:

Seed stitch edge and stockinette.

The first 5 1/2" of Salina from Vintage Knits. I love this book. There are so many pretty, classic patterns in it! My stitch gauge is right-on, although my row gauge is 1 1/2 stitches larger. I have been documenting and calculating as I go, and I think as long as I pay attention everything will turn out alright. I hope. Oh, I am knitting it on size 4 needles (the edge is on size 2s), one size down from the pattern. This is the kind of pattern for this yarn, and it is knitting up a lot softer than I would have thought.

Only about 95% more to go.


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