Finally, a FO

So! After many trials and tribulations (not really) I have finished the Lichen Rib Socks!


I did make a few small modifications, though they are all small things like "picked up 17 stitches instead of 15 along gusset" and "apparently do not know how to follow directions". The biggest surprise about these socks is how quickly they went. Though it took me a full month from cast-on to cast-off, in reality I only spent about 2 weeks working on them, and even then I was working on other things at the same time. Simple socks are easy! And fun! Note to self for future socks when I decide I need to make the most complicated pattern I own: simple socks equal near-instant gratification.

Other than that things are moderately quiet around these parts (other than work, but that's a whole other bit of drama entirely). I'm working on something non-knitting related that I might blog about in a few weeks time - we'll see. I'm diligently plugging away at Le Lapin Noir as well - I decided to modify the back so that it isn't so low as in the original. (Why is this no surprise? I can't not modify a pattern...) I've about 1 1/2" more until I begin the neck shaping and then about 2" (I think) until the back is finished. And then on to the colorwork on the front! I can't wait.


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