One Quarter and a Teeny Bit More

Wow, my post titles are inspired lately, non?

I have finished the first quarter (~ 3/4oz) of my BGD fiber and spindle club fiber, Cardinal, and it looks like this!


Yes, this is a major accomplishment for me. Actually it is already wound off onto a toilet paper tube and the second cop started. I am going to try spinning this yarn all the same so that I can make something useful out of it! I decided not to fight the fiber and spin it a little thicker than I maybe had initially wanted, and to use my Golding instead. It is a lot easier to do on the Golding because the spindle spins faster and longer, so I think I made the right decision.

Since the little BGD spindle was then free I of course had to break open another whack of roving I purchased last month:


It's called Twilight, it's 80-count merino, and it is lovely. It's from moonlightbaker. It is very soft and very dense and very short! At least, short for me. In the braid it almost feels like it is felted, except that it's not. I started spinning a little bit fine on the BGD spindle and it is heaven. It's much easier to spin than the merino/bamboo blend.


Of course I don't have a photo of it on the spindle, but take my word for it, it is nice. I'm probably going to just try plying this little bit (2-ply this time) and seeing how it turns out, another little test skein. There are 4 1/4oz of this one, enough to make a little something. I'm getting the hang of rolling the spindle off my thigh, which is good because otherwise I can't get it spinning fast enought to have a good go at it each spin.

Speaking of spindles, I am thinking of naming mine. Is that completely crazy? I think it might be, but I think I might do it anyway. My one lone Golding could be Tsunami of course, since that is what model it is, but the BGD spindles (two more coming!) can't just be "Italian Resin", etc.

I have no photos of it either, but the body of Henley is done. At least, I hope it's done! I guess I'll find out if it is big enough soon enough. It's drying right now. And just for fun I'm going to bump up the completeness percentage up to 50%.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Mmmm, good stuff! The colours in that Twilight are gorgeous.


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