Can't We All Just Get Along?

But first: It Happened In Sun Valley

I've not been crafting the past few days but this afternoon I picked up the spindle again. At first everything was fine, and I was cruising along with some pretty fine-gauge yarn, when abruptly the yarn broke. And broke again. And again. And again. It then occurred to me that probably, because my spindle is fairly heavy, the weight of the spindle, plus that of the yarn newly wrapped on, had exceeded the capacity for the yarn at that thickness to support it. However I think what was really happening was that the spindle was telling me it didn't want to spin ultra-fine singles. It wanted to spin what I was spinning before. So I went back to the thickness I spun the second ounce and all is right with the world again. My spindle and I are on speaking terms again.

I am also just three little rows away from the lace portion of the body of Henley. I like the look of the dividing rows very much.

No photos today though.


At 11:38 AM, Blogger Opal said...

the weight of your spindle will determine the thickness of your yarn for the most part. this means you must acquire more spindles.



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