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So! I have been something of a slacker in the blogging department, sorry about that. I have also been something of a slacker in the responding-to-comments department (which is doubly say because I don't get that many and, really, how long does it take to send an email?) sorry about that too. I feel like an update is in order though, so a quick post and them it's off to dreamland for me.



This was from about a week or so ago. Actually, I just looked it up - it was December still! (The very end of December, but December nonetheless...) So much for my "quick" knit. At this point I had strung in onto a KnitPicks Options cable with caps securely fastened, gave it a good soak, and pinned it out to see how it was coming along. (Also, I didn't swatch the lace so I needed to get a sense of how big it was blocked out.) There are 24 lace repeats here. Something like three days later I had this:


(It was cold, and apparently damp in my guest room.) It's a little slanted but I think that's because of the funky way I had it pinned out to the bed. I am knitting it in the round, so it's a little hard to manipulate right now.

This is only 1/2 the lace chart, and it weighs in at 1 1/2" tall. Too bad I didn't measure the width of the "swatch". Nevertheless, sizing looks good, the body looks good (I think it's going to fit), and I'm currently making my way through the second repeat of the lace pattern. I took another hiatus to figure out the armhole shaping but i think (fingers crossed) that I've got it figured out correctly. The armholes will be 7" deep, and that's about 2 1/4 lace repeats, but I've completed almost one full repeat (the decreases are almost done) of armhole shaping on the back. I'll have to knit the fronts separately, obviously, so hopefully my notetaking was up to par.

Buona sera!


At 1:37 PM, Blogger Opal said...

henley's lookin' good! i love the colors in that yarn.


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