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Before breaking out the spinning news let's first talk about Henley. I ended up ripping back 15 rows or so and replaced the double decreases with regular left and right leaning decreases set apart by 3 stitches. I hope the wonkiness blocks out because, since I messed with those stitches so much they are a little screwed up looking. I also think maybe I should have separated the decreases by only 1 stitch, but I didn't want there to be too much stress on them since there are no seams, but I think I would have liked the way it would have looked better. Oh well, live and learn.

I finished the last of the waist decreases (which there were eight sets of, not six like I had initially stated, and which actually is a different number than anything in the pattern in case you are keeping track, because of my differing gauge). I was up to row 53 past the turning row, and supposedly you knit 2" past that for a total length of 8" before beginning the bust increases. It did not seem like I had even 6" (even though I knew the gauge would increase with blocking).  I had more like 4". So I pulled out my gauge swatch and it's a good thing I did. The numbers I had written down initially were totally incorrect. My gauge swatch is 25 stitches and 32 rows to 4", not 24/30 like I wrote down. 

This means my decreases happened over a somewhat smaller distance than strictly necessary, but I think it will be ok. It is helpful though because I want to lengthen the body a bit, since both Salina (rav) and Mrs. Darcy (rav) ended up being rather on the short side on use. So I'm up to row 57, plan to knit straight until row 72 (9" from the turning row instead of 8"), and at that point it will become necessary to work out what to do next since the shaping is different on the front and back. I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't have just knitted it flat like the pattern prescribes. (I think when I get to the lace part I will be thankful though!)

I did sort of halfway pin it to my ironing board and steamed it out a bit with my iron. It looks ok, the curl of the hem end relaxed somewhat, and the gauge increased (decreased? fewer stitches per inch) to be closer to my gauge swatch. I always wet block items though, which I think will relax the stitches even more, so it's going to be ok I think. I'm hoping I will be to the lace by tomorrow (is that crazy ambitious?).

Moving on.

As I mentioned several posts ago, I am thankful for the internet being open 24 hours.


I ordered some handpainted roving from Allspunup on Opal's recommendation. I suppose I didn't need handpainted roving quite yet since I am such a beginner, but shoot it's pretty, plus having pretty fiber will likely encourage me to practice more than plain fiber would. Right? She doesn't name the colors I don't think, but doesn't this just like like cotton candy?


I know, I know, I've never seen green or yellow cotton candy but that's what it reminds me of. I decided to start with this one because it is BFL, and you know how everyone says it's one of the easiest for beginners to spin.


(I just had to stick the penny in there because you know it's what everyone does.) Yes, I can verify that (it's easy). It's very soft and smooth, but not slippery at all. It's smoother than the Coopworth that came with my kit, which was a little more scratchy and the individual fibers of which I think were maybe more curly as well (though really it's hard for me to tell). Now my only dilemma is whether to ply this right away or wait and spin some more of it. I kind of want to see what it would look like if I split the roving into more thinner pieces so that the colors are more concentrated, rather than splitting it into only a few pieces and then pre drafting it out a lot (which is what I did). On the other hand I am itching to see what it might look like plied.

PS The Basketweave Scarf is dry! Man that took a long time. I think I like it. The stitches are not super crisp but give it rather an air of controlled texture. Photos tomorrow.)


At 11:30 AM, Blogger Opal said...

that's gorgeous enough to leave as is. you don't -have- to ply it. it just depends on how you want to knit it.

you are doing fantabulous!


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