Resistance is Futile

I've been assimilated:


That there is one of Schrodinger's cubes. You should go over to her Etsy shop right now before they are all gone. Seriously. When she first opened her shop they all sold in about ten seconds. (That might be a slight exaggeration, but they sure went fast!) I luckily got in on the second round with my favorite of the patterns, Purple Regal. Oh, Purple Regal, how I love thee! There are a few others I love too, but I gotta save some money to buy yarn. Oh yeah, and food.

Anyway, the cubes are way cute, impeccably crafted (the seams and lining and zipper are absolutely perfect - I could never make anything so lovely in a milion years, even if I did know how to sew...) and the fabric is a wonderful upholstry or drapery weight that just rocks. Not to mention they have the wicked cool square shape vibe going on. My one sad photo does not do it justice, but it's all I could manage today. It's perfect for holding a sock project on the go, or even a ball of Beaverslide... (it's a tight fit with the Beaverslide when the ball is new, but after a few rows there is plenty of room for it to unwind and yet still stay safe from dust bunnies and the roving beasts alternately known as my cats. If you use center pull balls this would not even be an issue, but, alas, I have neither winder now swift.)

I also have apparently no resistance to Mrs. Darcy. Who would have thought she would be so beguiling? No photos yet, but I am this far away from finishing the back. Really, it's not my fault. I had hoped that the new Options needles would come today, but no. And then this happened:


Now I know that this is not Southern California, where I did live for several years and where a rain event is akin to a blizzard. And I have visited Northern California many many times growing up. But always in the summer. It never ever rains in the summer! I've never seen the green hills of California. I can't wait. And so though I know in my brain that it does rain here in the winter, I find it a bit difficult to comprehend. Also, it is not winter - what's up with that? On September 1st the recorded high was 98. Today's high? Well, I can't get Weather.com to give me that information (I guess I will be able to find out tomorrow - curse you Weather.com!!!) but right now it is 67. My way of dealing with this is staying inside and knitting.

It's going to get ugly when the rain really starts to fall.


At 11:18 AM, Blogger Opal said...

OMG! That bag is gorgeous! *drool*

Keep safe!

At 11:20 AM, Blogger schrodinger said...

Hey! Thanks for such a nice post about the cube - and I love that picture of it, nice new angle and everything. Hope the weather has improved for you.


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