So, I may have been a bit vague in my question. :) Live and learn? There have been some good guesses so far, but no one has gotten it yet. While the Bellini bio in the middle of the notes is very strange (at least, to me, considering no other composer is treated as such), and no synopsis of the Bellini works is given, that's not really an error, it's just stupid. Likewise, the translations of the songs, with or without original lyrics, and translation notwithstanding, that's not it. (In fact, it has nothing to do with the songs, which narrows the field considerably!) And nope, it isn't a grammatical or spelling error! So what does that leave?

(Actually, these program notes have a rather cut-and-paste feel to them, don't they? It's as if they weren't even all written by the same person. Does anyone else get that, or is it just me?)

It has to do with a particular work, and if you didn't know this work you might not recognize it right away. One error should be easy to figure out with a little sleuthing, while the other might not be so obvious (unless, again, you were familiar with the work). Oh, and I have referenced this opera before, but only as a screen shot. :) (Now I'm having you scour the archives for tidbits!)

I will figure out the prize today, which might give you a bit of motivation!


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