The Best I Can Do

I tried to get a better photo of the Shetland Triangle-In-Progress, but this is the best I could do:

A little better color-wise, though still not quite right. What we need, I think, is some good, bright, but diffuse natural light, something that has been in short supply of late in my little corner of the Northeast. Granted, Tuesday dawned brilliantly, but was also 12 degrees Fahrenheit with winds at about 20 mph from the northwest. A quick trip to weather.com indicates that the low on Tuesday was a chilly 12F, and the high a still-sub-freezing 22F. The average low on this date for this area is 32F, and the average high is 46F. (If this is true, your data comparison scale is wrong, Weather Channel!) Mother nature apparently doesn't think we should get away with a balmy and nearly snow-free (sob!) winter after all. And this just after a high of nearly 60F on Saturday!


I'm just about finished with the fifth pattern repeat, and boy is this going fast! I know the rows are getting longer and longer, and on top of that I am probably going to have to add some extra repeats to make the finished shawl big enough, but this is turning out to be a wonderfully easy pattern. The pattern repeat is only 10 rows long, which is really only 5 rows to memorize since the wrong side row is a purl row. On top of that, it's mainly the ends of the rows, and a few stitches around the center column, that change from row to row. I eagerly anticipate a new shawl that I can wear to the opera soon!

In lieu of more exciting knitting content, I bring you a story in pictures. Mary is, in general, far more intrigued by "found" toys than anything that can be bought in a pet store (with a few exceptions):

What is this crazy neon shoelace doing hanging here?

It's so... orange! Are you sure it isn't radioactive?

I will kill it for you. Artifacts from the 80s are evil.

(A good 20 minutes of amusement passes.)

Whew, I'm beat! Maybe it is radioactive!


At 5:48 PM, Blogger Opal said...

The colours really are gorgeous. Where is that pattern from? Love the Story of Mary. What a cutie!

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Leah said...

I love the colors! It reminds me of the yarn I'm using for my salina! :)


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