I Puritani: Take 2

A proper post to follow later today (I promise), but suffice to say that Elizabeth Futral kicks Anna Netrebko's butt in the bel canto department any day of the week, Gregory Kunde is highly underrated, and I am so, so, so glad that my friend made me go again. My palate is cleansed. I can once again enjoy I Puritani.

One other thing. As you may have noticed, my blogroll is embarrassingly short. This is because I haven't touched it since I first set up the blog six months ago. The really really embarassing thing is that my Bloglines account (is that what you would call it?) actually consists of 106 feeds. I need to do something about that. One-hundred six feeds take a hell of a long time to read every day, and there are other things I should be doing during at least some of that time. Sooooooo... if you visit me here in my humble little abode and think that maybe I would like to read your own blog, leave me a comment saying so. (Don't forget to include your site address!) I'm going to be pruning the blogroll, but will add you to the list! Those of you I trade comments or emails with frequently don't need to - you are already on my blogroll! I think you probably know who you are. But feel free to comment anyway. Comments are nice. :)

That's it for now! Remember, I promise to post again later, cross my heart and hope to die. There may even be some knitting content.

ETA: I started writing the promised post (complete with pictures!) but am simply too exhausted to get through it. Tomorrow morning dear friends! And Sandra - there was a little pink card in my mailbox this afternoon saying I had a package at the post office... maybe it's your package? I'll find out tomorrow!


At 2:42 PM, Blogger Ginny said...

Top 5 Reasons I Should Be On Carrie's Blogroll

5. She makes me want to knit lace and attend the opera.

4. We both knit SKS and Nancy Bush socks. (Some of us more slowly than others. ahem.)

3. Perhaps the combined guilt from Carrie and my husband will make me finish my first sweater one day. Maybe.

2. I'm cool.

1. She's cooler!!


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