They Keep Going and Going...

I thought I would have a finished knit ready for all to see by now, but not quite. Like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going. They are almost out of juice now though, so to speak (as am I with working on them!). Dare I predict tomorrow for the Finished-On Date?

Thank you, kind friends, for the thoughts, ideas, and words of encouragement on the Embellished V-neck. I have had to put this project away for the time being, lest I give in to my desire to chuck it off the balcony. I have a sneaking, sinking suspicion, however, that the whole thing will have to be scrapped, and if I really want it I will have to reknit it at a larger size. Thing is, I'm not sure I want it badly enough, especially considering the issues with the joining of the garter stitch border to the neckline. We shall see.

On to happier thoughts.

Last week my cross-town friend told me, "Yay! It's going to snow!" I told her not to be silly, it wasn't going to snow. Ever again. She called me mean and said she would hold out hope.

You win, cross-town friend.

It did snow last week, for about 5 seconds. It doesn't really count in my book, however, unless the white stuff sticks around for at least a day. I want a blizzard, damn it! The forecast doesn't look too promising, though temperatures have been in the twenties.

Then, miracle of miracles, the sun came out on Saturday. Sunday too! I grabbed my slippers and coat, ventured out onto the 22 degree porch, and snapped off a few choice shots for your amusement. First up, I win:

Not one, but two constests.

That's right, the girl who never wins anything has managed to win two lovely gifts in the past few weeks! The first was that oh-so-scrumptious chocolate bar in the front there, actually received around Chrismas time and devoured within minutes despite the best of intentions. That, my friends, is from Sarah, for being "fast on the draw". Thank you Sarah! Go say "hi" to her, she does some pretty nice work! And can anyone tell me where I can get this chocolate in NYC? It was without doubt the very best chocolate I have ever eaten. Ever.

The second was just in the last week or so. I guessed correctly what Opal was making and was picked randomly for the lovely prize of four skeins of that charcoal Nature Spun there. Four! So go say "hi" to her too, because her shawls are awesome and because she sent me almost 1000 yards of worsted weight wool! What can I do with this? Ideas?

Next up, I lose:

Losing never felt so good.

I joined the feeding frenzy over at Cara's (and Blue Moon Fiber Arts') Socks That Rock contest, having never knitted with the stuff before. Well, I didn't win, but was persuaded by the plight of Blue Moon Fiber Arts to peruse their selection and make a purchase, to show my solidarity with small (yarn) businesses run by women. In doing so I have violated my (unwritten but understood) resolution to only knit from my stash, since finances may get a little tight around here. Still, I think I won in the end. This yarn looks and feels lovely, and though it seems rather darker than what was pictured on the website (and yes, I know monitor variation, etc., etc...) I still love it. Even though it is variagated! We'll see when I knit it up if I still love it. I can't wait. It's going to have to be patient and wait a bit for some other knits to clear the queue. Thanks, Cara, for prompting me to check out this company!

Coming soon to a blog near you: A review of Rossini's Otello presented last week at Carnegie Hall, a video of Donizetti's Marin Faliero from Tetro Regio, and maybe, if you're really good, a video clip of the Royal Opera House's new production of La Fille du Regiment starring the most adorable tenor around.


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Leah said...

I've still never used STR either. My sock yarn stash is just too huge to buy anymore so I'll have to wait...

I love the colorway you chose! Any pattern ideas?

At 3:36 PM, Blogger Sarah / Blue Garter said...

Oh good, I'm glad you liked the chocolate! Unfortunately, I can't tell you where to find it in the City - maybe Whole Foods?

I have some STR in that same colorway lurking in the stash. I've got two skeins, in fact, thanks to my sweet mother having no idea how much yarn it takes to make socks and wanting to err on the side of caution, so I'm thinking knee socks. I've got my eye on a fluted fabric stitch pattern in the second Barbara Walker treasury that I think might break up any pooling. I'll let you know how it goes if I ever get around to swatching...


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