Mi mi mi mi mi!

So, after some internet research (after all, what is the internet good for if not to find out stuff?) I have decided that maybe Mary is not a Norwegian Forest Cat after all, but is instead a Maine Coon. (Yes, I am obsessed.) This is mainly (ha ha) because her fur is silky, so silky in fact that we refer to her as being "soft like a bunny". And look! I found a photo of her twin on the Cat Fanciers website.

I am not sure if she has a square jaw of a MC or an equilateral triangular face of a NFC. It doesn't really matter, since she is not a "real" one of either of these... she came from a shelter and doesn't have any papers. What is real, anyway? (Now we're wandering into existentialism...) The important thing is that she is cute.

You may be wondering why her name is Meow Meow if she talks like a monkey. She actually talks like a lot of things, including (predictibly) a cat (meow), a bird (chirp, trill), and the aforementioned monkey (oh oh ee ee). Usually what she is saying translates into "(insert verb here) me!" As in:

Pet me!

Feed me!

Play with me!

Why aren't you paying any attention to me!

Note that the "me" is emphisized. Always.

In knitting news, I have finished 3 more rows on the Icarus Shawl, and have 13 more to go. At approximately 30 minutes per row while watching television, and over 300 stitches per row, there are far too many stitches left. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of August.

Icarus Shawl in a pile. I told you it was boring.

I wanted to have finished ages ago, because I am currently participating in the Mystery Stole 2 Knitalong. Or rather, I am currently not participating in it. I knit about 30 rows on the Knitalong stole and then felt guilty and put it aside in favor of Icarus. One lace pettern at a time please. Except that I haven't been working on it either! All of the clues have been released for MS2 and some folks are finished already. (It is a really beautiful pattern, by the way, written by the lovely and talented Melanie at Pink Lemon Twist.) And I am about 1% finished.

The Mystery Stole languishes in a bowl. Don't you love me?


It will be beautiful, and it will be finished soon, I just have to keep the faith. It also took me about 15 shots to get just 1 halfway-decent photo. (Read: in-focus) I guess it is time to retire the ol' Kodak DC290. Now stop laughing. Just because that model came out in 1999 and Kodak no longer offers technical support for it does not mean it was not a good camera. In its time. (Wow! 2.1 megapixels! Only 1.2 lbs, sans batteries!) Until I can figure out what I want, however, you will be subjected to many off-color, out-of-focus, best-I-can-do photos. Please accept my apologies in advance.

I am also participating in the Whose Lace is this Anyway? swap, which I will get around to putting a button on my side when I get around to it (and figure it out, ha), so soon, hopefully, I will have a new skein of laceweight to make something delightful out of! Must get cracking. I am currently finding out some information about my swap partner, who is sadly blogless, so that I may find something suitably and similarly delightful for her...


At 1:13 PM, Blogger Marisa Elana said...

It's ok, my "Mystery Stole" is still even more of a mystery, since all I've done is cast on the first row...

At 11:22 PM, Blogger lene said...

Hi! Thank you for your comment on my blog. About the shawls... and languages...: this page does not have beautiful shawls but there is a language challenge http://www.novita.fi/ohjeet/naisten_neuleet/index.html
but if you go to http://garnstudio.com there are more shawls and in many languages. I hope this helps.


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