Sick Day

Remember when you were in college and you stayed out too late partying and woke up with a hangover and stayed in bed until 2pm and called it a sick day? Ok, so I never stayed out too late partying (although I did sometimes stay out late dancing and I sometimes stayed up too late studying) and never had a hangover. And today isn't one of those kind of days anyway. It isn't even an "it's too beautiful to go outside so call in sick and play hookey" kind of days. (Have you checked the weather lately? It is dismal out there.) Today I woke up feeling like a drum corps was holding practice in my skull. This, combined with yesterday's onslaught of sinus issues (congestion, running, sneezing, general ickiness) and the lack of a good night's sleep completely wiped me out.

Sick Day.

This is the first sick day I have taken since starting the new job in April. Four months (more or less) of sick-free days (more or less). (I was not allowed any sick time my first 3 months on the job. No vacation time either. If I needed some time off it was without pay. I don't think so! There were a few times I went in totally contagious and spreading around the germy love. Hey, it isn't my fault that the rules are stupid.)

I really do try not to take sick time for no good reason. If I have a headache, or even some serious cramps (which I know you really wanted to know) I will suck it up. Take one for the team. Be miserable for the sake of progress. But not this time.

I think my philosophy is changing. I used to feel guilty about getting sick. Like it was my own personal fault that I had a less than perfect immune system that could fight off anything that came my way. I thought it branded me as an imperfect employee. But I have come to realize that the only thing it makes me is human. And if I need to take a day off then that's ok. I do a lot for the people I work with/for. I am a valuable employee. Stellar even.

I'll be in tomorrow.

Mary thinks sick days are for weenies. Mary also thinks clean laundary is deposited on the couch expressly for her to lay on:

This was after she dug a tunnel through the pile 'o clothes.

Gratuitous plant shots anyone? Remember those oxalis from a few days ago?

The blossoms have opened.

I love my new camera.


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