Unintentionally Absent

No time for excuses. I got busy and then no blogging (or knitting for that matter) occurred. A short list of recent events:

1. Dancing has occurred:

No, this is not a wedding, nor is it the prom (good heavens, that was a long time ago, and best left forgotten). And yes the photo is blurry. Intentionally blurry. To protect the innocent. Yeah, that's it.

2. Visitors have been accomodated:

The first nice day of the year in the city and there were millions of people out and about. Possibly gazillions. The sailboats were cool though. Bonus points if you know where this photo was taken from

3. Stuff has been growing around town:

Showy Evening Primrose, I believe, found growing near my office.

4. And eaten:

Balcony lettuce.

5. And felines persist in being cute:

I love this shot. Too bad I suck as a photographer. It is blurry.

DWTS is on tonight, so no time to chit chat, my chums! Would you believe that for once the right person has gone home every single week so far (in my opinion anyway)? The whole nonsense with the lift/no lift annoys me to no end; personally I think if you can't do it yourself (with a few standard exceptions) it should not be allowed at all, never mind the whole "one toe was touching the floor" copout. I assume they do it for 2 reasons: 1) safety (a bunch of non-professionals doing aerials willy-nilly might be a tad risky, although they let them go hog wild in the group dance and freestyle etc.) and 2) if they didn't allow some of the flashy stuff the routines would get really boring. Never mind that a lot of what they do isn't really lead-and-follow. Meh. Now see what you've gone and done? No matter, I'm going to watch anyway!!

Coming up next time: actual knitting content! This year's Christmas present dilemma has be solved. 


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