Houston, We Have Pollination

But first, I bet everyone will recognize this piece from a certain chocolatier's recent commercial (beginning about 1:00):


This version* is much better. :)

So! Three things have happened:

1. The TD sees sleevage! 

This took me 2 days and note that this is one sleeve. Yes, it did. I apparently have forgotten how to set in a sleeve. This is the "nice" side of the sleeve set into the shoulder, which unfortunately is the back side. I am really really hoping it will all even out after I wash the finished article. (Heh heh, if you have not watched the series from the beginning it will not be nearly as funny.)

2.  Squee!

Enough said.

3.  Say hello to my little friend:

Brassica spp., Wild Garden Mix

Actually, say goodbye... these were the mustard greens growing in my porch and I sauteed them up with garlic and red pepper flakes and served them with bowtie pasta.  Aren't they pretty? Since one of the plants had bolted I figured the rest were soon to follow, so... addio! It was good while it lasted, and of course that means now there's more room for something else! (One really nice advantage to using there rather than store-bought was that there was virtually no grit or dirt or sand and I only had to wash them once! Normally you might have to wash these puppies four or five times. I actually cut them just above the soil surface (hence the no dirt) because pulling the roots would have disturbed the other things growing in the same planter (nasturtiums and, I think, dill).)

Tonight's dinner was pretty sad - leftover pasta sauteed with onion. What, you never sauteed pasta before? It's good with a little butter and some red pepper flakes thrown in at the end (careful, they get really hot when heated in oil or butter). I like the slightly crunchy texture of the pasta too. This meal came after a disappointing lunchtime meal - I didn't have time to make the tuna, and I didn't eat breakfast, so I was starving by the time lunch rolled around. So, I ran to Trader Joe's where they no longer carry my favorite greek wrap (why, TJ, why?) so I got the 4-cheese quesadilla with green chilis instead. This was not a good idea. Besides having about 1000 calories and a gazillion units (whatever they are) of cholesterol and fat, they royally upset my stomach. So, cheesy. So good, and yet, so bad.

I had actually really wanted to make this delicious looking recipe, but alas, I have no prepared chickpeas. Doesn't it look divine? I'm going for it tomorrow, I have the chickpeas all laid out and soaking already. I did go to Berkeley Bowl as well because I was completely out of milk and I like to buy their local, organic milk in the glass bottles. Yes, I said glass bottles. They are so cool. That, plus the fact that they are local (Horizon, for instance, is all the way in Minnesota or someplace, plus it's a factory farm (I have no idea what kind of operation Straus actually is, but look, they have a website!) are a deal-closer for me. Anyway, Berkeley Bowl is not that far, but I only go once a week, if that (basically when I run out of milk, although sometimes I cave and go to the local grocery). Since I was there I got a few other things as well, so my "eat from the cubbard/fridge plan is a little bit tainted, but all in all I did quite well: delicious variety of olives from their awesome olive bar, dried black beans, onions, avocado, a tomato (greenhouse), rice pudding, eggs (I only have 2 left), and of course the milk. Now I can make scones for breakfast (I have a mix)! And have those delicious veggie burgers for dinner, yum.

I have funny cat pictures to share too, but it will have to wait - it's 2am! DST still sucks. (Except for the whole "still light at 7pm" part.)

*This is the Natalie Dessay and Elsa Maurus singing the famous Flower Duet from Delibes' Lakme.


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Opal said...

Yay for sleeves!

I covet your garden.


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