Throw In a Little Juice and You Have a Party

One more hommage to il gran di Stefano:


An early recording of a role for which he was well known.*

Speaking of Manon... have you seen this (Ravelry link)? I think I may have to make it. You know, just because. I think I could pull it off maybe though!

The sun was shining today when I got home, but all my photos of the guest room were less than appealing... so no shots today. It'll come, sooner or later. I do have this shot:

HEY! Back off! It's MY lap!

I have a cat who now believes that it is preferable to be on my lap than any other place in the entire world, or at least, my apartment. She goes to great lengths to push her way up there, even if there really isn't room, and if she she can't fit at all she, after much pawing and making of cute purry noises, gives me a look as if to say "why do you hate me so much?" and then lies half on the lap. As cute and cuddly as this is I sure hope it doesn't continue once the temperature starts to climb!

I made the onions and apples recipe for dinner/desert - it was meh. Not that it was bad per se, but mealy apples are apparently still mealy after baking, and it was far, far too sweet. I would recommend less apples, less sugar, more onions, and some other savory spices in there as well. Oh well, at least the apples didn't go to waste. I also had some of the red quinoa for dinner, spiced up with a bit of orange juice. It's not bad (and combats same-thing-for-dinner-itis). Just microwave some leftover quinoa until hot and then stir in a little bit of orange juice.  I am getting down to the nitty gritty in the food department (between you and me I am so hungry right now that I may start to gnaw on my wrist). I have oranges, and orange juice (poor planning, I agree) and those cranberries. Some porch produce (not much). That's it in the way of fresh stuff. I don't even have any frozen vegetables, though I think I have a tin of bamboo shoots, a tin of diced tomatoes, one of tomatoes sauce, and um, pumpkin puree. And peperoncini peppers. And marinated artichoke hearts. And hey, some tuna (oooh - and I have a couple of flour tortillas left as well - I think I smell wraps...) Do you think I am kidding about the food situation? I am not:


It amazes me that, with so "little" food I actually have quite a bit, and would not starve for 2 or 3 weeks at least... :)

TD Update: I finished the collar! But I am having grave doubts about whether or not it will fit. Not the body part, but the collar seems particularly, I don't know, "choke-y". We'll see what happens after blocking I guess. Still have to set in the sleeves and weave in the rest of the ends. I will wet block for maximum shaping, so it will be a while after it's bath for the final verdict (unless it suddenly gets really really sunny, although this yarn comes with a warning to avoid direct sunlight - vampire yarn?)

Good grief I have to get to bed. DST still sucks.

*The role is Des Grieux, the opera is Manon, the composer is Massenet, and this recording is from 1944.


At 4:31 PM, Blogger Opal said...

Manon is gorgeous! I hope you do make it.

Your cat is so cute! I don't think I could resist a lap hog. None of mine are particularly like that. Maybe it's too hot here for them to want to cozy up like that.


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