And the Beat Goes On

Right, here's another one for the two people out there who haven't seen this yet. If you haven't you must, because it's sweet. (And not a traditional, saccharine sweet either.)


So today we had a visitor in our office, and luckily I had my handy camera with me! (I actually had my camera with me so that I could take a photo of the tree outside my office because I intended to document its progress through the seasons, but have thus far only taken two photos. Oh, well.)

Excuse me, could I get some directions?

The amazing thing is that not only is there is a railing to the left of the photo, but there is also a long (covered) walk and a left hand turn to get to this point. No idea where she came from or how she got there, but peacocks aren't exactly native, or even established, in northern California (though they are some other places). We assumed it was a she, she was pretty big to be a juvenile male. As big as the wild turkeys we have all over the place here (amazing number of turkeys). She seemed confused, but not overly agitated (possibly distracted by her reflection in the glass). No caterwauling on her part, but I wonder if it's the only males who are so obnoxious? She was out there for a good 2 hours towards the end of the day, while people and animals both (we are a dog-friendly office) came and went. Taking bets if she will still be there in the morning, or if the lack of a shiny reflection once the sun goes down will break the spell.

Since I had my camera in my pocket on my drive home, I couldn't resist taking this shot:

I thought Valero was supposed to be the cheap gas...

There has been knitting, and I did take photos of the TD, but am still hemming and hawing as to what to do. Plus I need to seriously doctor those photos so that I do not look like such the total dork that I am. So in the meantime, take a page from Lily and just chill:

Yeah, this cat leads such a stressful life.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger Opal said...

Gawd, those gas prices are horrible! I'm so glad you followed it up with such a cute shot of Lily to calm me down. I love the shot of that peacock too. Such a pretty bird!


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