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No music today because I am determined to get to bed at a godly hour (instead of an ungodly hour as usual, get it?). Just hum yourself a little tune while you read. Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. Stuck in your head yet? Glad to be of service.

Exciting times! Yesterday I finished seaming TD:

Happiness is a perfectly seamed sleeve.

Yes, that is indeed the seam side of the sleeve - you can tell by the slight lumpiness of the stockinette (it is fairly thick yarn so the seam inside is somewhat bulky). Look how the ribbing part and stockinette part line up perfectly! This made me so happy - the other sleeve does not look nearly as good.  

Then TD got a little bath... is it just me or does the Eco + wool smell really bad when wet? Like..... wet wool. Anyway, it is not a nice smell. Luckily it only smells when wet (which limits my wearing options, but let's cross that bridge when we get to it, ok?) I laid it out on the bed in the guest room yesterday:


I think I got negative drying ovenight - that's right, the sweater was pulling moisture out of the air in that room. I threw caution to the wind today though, and brazenly moved her onto the patio in full sun. If you recall, there was a warning associated with the yarn to avoid sunlight. How one can do this with an item that one wears out-of-doors I do not know. No disintigrating occurred however, so I think the reports of vampire yarn are greatly exaggerated.

The current state of the TD is as yet still damp. I do, however, have several thoughts/concerns already:
  1. The curling at the bottom edge is going to annoy me to death. I am going to have to do a little crab stitch border (love the crab stitch!) or something to tame the beast.
  2. That set in of the left sleeve (the one I did first, when I suffered from temporary amnesia as how to set in a sleeve) looks terrible and I am afraid I am going to have to do it again. Trouble is, the yarn is a pretty sticky yarn, and I wove those ends in real good. I'm not entirely sure I can undo what has been done.
  3. The collar. Still not sure about it. It would take very little effort to convince me that its sole purpose was to strangle me in my sleep.
Since I have finished (or nearly finished anyway) an outstanding UFO it is only fair I cast on something new, right? Jeanie has jumped to the head of the line, since I need to knit something for my mother in that Huskies yarn (and today was Selection Sunday! I am doomed in the getting-something-to-her-before-the-tourny-is-over area) and this was the prettiest reversible lace pattern I could fine (one of the only, actually). I am going to modify it into a scarf since I only have one skein. Sorry to all the other UFOs and items in my queue! I'm swatching right now to determine how many repeats to do of chart C... but the yarn is a hideously ugly, so I'll spare you a photo.

Off to bed, before I fall down!


At 2:06 PM, Blogger Opal said...

TD is gorgeous! I really do hope you find a way to address all your concerns. She deserves to be worn with pride.


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