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Hard to believe it, but I don't think anyone on my long, long blogroll (don't let that list in the sidebar fool you) lives in southern California. Well, I used to live in San Diego, and was there during the infamous Cedar Fire. People who have never lived in a fire-prone environment, who have never lived through a "fire season" don't have the first idea what it is like. It was terrifying going to bed at night, wondering if the fire would creep upon you while you slept; terrifying waking up in the morning to a blood-red sun burning though a soot-darkened sky, ash falling like snow, wondering which way the winds were going to blow that day. It was, truly, like something out of Apocalypse Now. So please, please keep the people in the fire zone in your thoughts, because beyond all the media hype as there always is, it really is a very scary thing to live through.

(Oops! Crazy Aunt Purl lives in SoCal - so give her extra hugs today!)


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Opal said...

A couple of people on my blogroll live in SoCal so they've been in my thoughts. Fire completely terrifies me, so I've been especially worried. I'm just glad you don't live in SoCal!


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