Not What I'd Hoped For

What I had hoped for was that, mid-week, armed with a newly acquired book, I would dash off the rest of the Tilted Duster with panache and style and put up a flashy post by the week's end.

This did not happen.

I am still waiting for said book and so the Tilted Duster waits sadly in the wings while the days grow shorter and colder.

I started (restarted) the Firestarter Socks but have since decided that the yarn is too fine at that gauge. I'm thinking of abandoning that yarn altogether and go with something more substantial for the pattern, maybe the Black Purl I got from a trade with Ginny a while back?

My So Called Scarf inches along. I've just started the second ball. It's so pretty! I'll be sad to see it go.

The Mini Clapotis hasn't seen the light of day since I first picked it up a few weeks ago.

The Endpaper Mitts (yup, that's what that was) are moving along at an ok clip - just 7 more rows to the thumb and then 3 more pattern rows after that, plus the little bit of rib, and one is compete. Thing is, I am not loving the yarn. It is Knitpicks Palette, that I bought in a moment of insanity last year (I bought the sampler, with no intention of knitting the sweater that uses all those balls, and I find I hate most of the colors). I would love these in a nicer yarn I think. I'll have to see how I feel when I finish the first one.

What else? Oh, yes, the Entrelac Scarf is still waiting for a backing. It came out beautifully, by the way, wait until you see!

What have I been doing instead of knitting (and feeling generally crappy and run-down?) I order and received these last week:


I have big plans for the balcony this spring. If I'm gonna be stuck in an apartment I'm gonna try to make the most of it.

And I've been baking. Do go and find the recipe for Pumpkin Bread from the new edition of the Joy of Cooking. It's on page 628. Then substitute allspice for the nutmeg (because you don't have any nutmeg) and leave it in the oven for 10 extra minutes because you suspect your oven thermometer is low. Make the version with the brown sugar. It turns out very dark on top, but surprisingly, shockingly, moist and delicious. No photos now, it is very dark outside.

Cheerio ~


At 2:23 AM, Blogger Opal said...

The Pumpkin Bread sounds delicious. I'm sure that you knitting mojo will come back when the time is right. It sounds like it's just slightly out of synch right now.

At 9:06 PM, Blogger schrodinger said...

Hey, if a knitting slump leads you to baking pumpkin bread, it can't be such a bad thing really. And it sounds like some of your knitting is coming along anyway, right?


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