Bullet Points

  • IK Fall - Finally came! I'm surprised there hasn't been very much discussion about this one - have people not received their issues yet? Mine went all the way to New York before making a u-turn and coming all the way out west. Love love love the tilted duster. Don't know if I'll ever make it. Added to the list of Thing I Love But Will Probably Never Make. There are a few other patterns I like as well, but this one is my favorite.

  • Harry Potter - finished the book and saw the movie, all this weekend. That was some pretty nifty effects work in the movie, wouldn't you say? Especially the scene in the Ministry of Magic. Even my aunt, who I went to see it with and who has never read the books but who has seen all the movies, was amazed. I think we have started to take for granted the uniqueness of the universe that Rowling created. Anyone want to discuss? Don't want to spoil it for those who haven't finished yet - email me at la (dot) dame (dot) knitterly (at) gmail (dot) com. Replace the blah de blah de blah, you know the drill. Also, someone else mentioned it (sorry, I don't remember who) but I too love the sweater vest that Ginny is wearing at the end of the movie. Too true - quite a lot of lovely handknits there. Won't somebody publish patterns for them? Please?

  • Gladiolas - I have decided that I love them, and of course, the grocery store I got the first bunch from of course no longer has them. Of course, I did go at 8am this morning (thank you, cats), so maybe they have them now. Must get gladiolas.

  • Actual Knitting Content - I abandoned the Mediterranean Shawl for the time being and went back for Absorba. Remember that one? Absorba, The Rug, now known as Absorba, The Rug That Would Not Be Completed. Gosh, I do like it a lot, but knitting that doubled cheap kitchen cotton is a royal pain in the... wrists. It is supposed to be a random log cabin, but I keep ending up with rather consistantly large numbers for the rows, and I want it to be rectangular, so I think I may have to modify my method a bit. It is growing, but slowly. I am only able to manage 5 or 10 rows a day before my wrists cry out. So I moved on to project #3 on the needles:

    Remember this? I picked it back up again, afraid that I would not remember how to knit backwards, but I can! Oh, how I love knitting backwards! But when I work on it I feel a little queasy, and guess what?

    Mohair, my old enemy. So we meet again.

    I didn't realize. (How could I not realize, you ask? I was lured by the siren call of the Noro. It is a dangerous breed indeed.) I'm going to keep knitting. It's gift knitting, and I really like it, and it actually only is perceptible when I knit indoors. If I knit on it outdoors I don't seem to feel it. So, knitting all'esterno it is. (I know you are thinking I am crazy. I (like Luna) am not crazy (much). A knitting I will go.)


    At 12:16 PM, Blogger Opal said...

    I just got my IK over the weekend. There are a couple of designs that I liked in there, but I was rather underwhelmed by this issue.

    I loved the new HP movie. I do think that people are rather blase about the whole HP world these days. The shiny wonder has seemingly worn off. I also loved the book, but I think I'm going to have to reread it as I went through it so quickly. I'm sure I missed some key points.

    So sorry to hear that you had another nasty run in with the mohair. Hopefully you'll have gained enough speed, with knitting backwards and all, so that you'll be able to put this project behind you soon.

    At 5:07 AM, Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

    Yes, I am no great fan of mohair myself, but you can eat it into submission!!!

    At 5:07 AM, Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

    Wait, that should read 'beat' into submission!! Eating mohair? Ewwww.....


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