Wildcat Canyon

I don't have any new knitting but I did want to throw up a few photos I took two weekends ago at Wildcat Canyon Regional Preserve. I wanted to check it out because I was thinking of signing up for a trail race there that I ultimately can't do anyway (because of the date). What's more, I had never been there before. Though many of the Regional Parks in the area are very similar, I've made it my mission to visit all of them at least once. :)

Wildcat Canyon abuts the northwestern edge of Tilden Regional Park. Tilden is relatively large, and has a lot of things to "see", and it's another one of the parks that I haven't made it to yet. Hopefully soon. At any rate, it wasn't a very good day for grand vistas, but here are a few things I saw along the way.


The California poppies were in bloom. It's still a little odd to see them just growing in grass like that, whole hillsides dotted with orange...


These beautiful, but tiny, white flowers were also abundant (any guesses?).


Wildcat Canyon is actively grazed during certain times of the year. These cows were close enough to touch. (Well not these cows.) At one point I had to pass by a mother cow and her (large) calf and I was a little nervous - mothers can be protective of their babies - but I made as wide a detour as I could and no harm befell me. Cows mowing their way across a lush pasture sounds just like someone ripping up paper, non-stop! When I passed back the same way on my return trip, around two hours later, most of the cows were lounging in the shade of some big trees. Eating grass is hard work!


Super adorable cute ground squirrel of some sort! At first I thought it was a groundhog, but I don't think it's big enough. I was so focused on getting as close as I could to the one in the center of the shot that I didn't even notice the second one until I downloaded the photo later. Where's Waldo?

All in all it was a pleasant, relatively short 7 mile hike (approximately) over 3 hours (including a lot of lollygagging) along the Clark-Boas, Belgum, and Wildcat Creek Trails.


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