Visit British Columbia!

There was a tourism "exhibit" promoting British Columbia along the Embarcadero next to the Vaillancourt Fountain today. Included were free zipline rides! You better believe I headed over to see what was what, but sadly found that all the "tickets" (wristbands, actually) had been given away for the day already - the sign said come back tomorrow, 10:00. Well, I won't be going back into the city tomorrow, but look at what I missed!


They really were quite high up and the line ran from next to the Vaillancourt Fountain nearly all the way to Market Street. Looks like fun!

There was also one of the sidewalk paintings that look like nothing but smudges until viewed from the right perspective. I didn't take a photo from the side (and should have) but here it is from the viewing platform:


Too bad I couldn't fit the entire thing in the frame. I don't know who the artist was, but it really was amazing! Don't these things make you want to visit BC? :)


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