Whoa Nellie

One of the very few things you can do when you are sick, and have been sick for what seems like forever, is knit. Imagine my surprise! I haven't knitted anything since, well, the last time I posted that I had knitted something. So, some time then. But the past couple of weeks I've been basically stuck in my apartment, if not actually stuck in bed, so I rummaged around and dug up this old artifact:


According to my Ravelry project page (which I haven't been on in three months either) I started this in June, 2007. Good grief.

For my own sanity: I am currently working on row 204 of Chart A (the center panel). Chart A rows increase to row 242 and then decrease back down to row 418. Row 200 contained 185 stitches. And then there are some giant Chart B panels that are supposed to attach to the sides, but it remains to be seen how much patience I will actually be able to maintain. It may depend on how much longer I am sick...