Finally, a FO

So! After many trials and tribulations (not really) I have finished the Lichen Rib Socks!


I did make a few small modifications, though they are all small things like "picked up 17 stitches instead of 15 along gusset" and "apparently do not know how to follow directions". The biggest surprise about these socks is how quickly they went. Though it took me a full month from cast-on to cast-off, in reality I only spent about 2 weeks working on them, and even then I was working on other things at the same time. Simple socks are easy! And fun! Note to self for future socks when I decide I need to make the most complicated pattern I own: simple socks equal near-instant gratification.

Other than that things are moderately quiet around these parts (other than work, but that's a whole other bit of drama entirely). I'm working on something non-knitting related that I might blog about in a few weeks time - we'll see. I'm diligently plugging away at Le Lapin Noir as well - I decided to modify the back so that it isn't so low as in the original. (Why is this no surprise? I can't not modify a pattern...) I've about 1 1/2" more until I begin the neck shaping and then about 2" (I think) until the back is finished. And then on to the colorwork on the front! I can't wait.


Still No Knitting

Actually I am this close to finishing my Lichen Rib Socks. Unfortunately, however, in knitting up the toe of the second sock I noticed a mistake made on the toe of the first sock. Just as soon as I get a chance to rip it back and reknit it, properly this time, I can call that project done. Tomorrow? Thursday? We shall see.

In the meantime, I thought I'd distract you with a few photos that explain at least some of the busy-ness lately.

But remember to tell me to quit my whining the next time it dips below 45. I've become a soft Californian.



Ciao, Tutti!

It's been a busy couple of week, but I am back on track. Nothing much to report on the knitting front - the lichen rib socks are essentially stalled where they were two weeks ago, though I have picked them up again. I've completed all of the ribbing (front and back) plus nearly all of the back of Le Lapin Noir, so that's good news. Now to just get off my duff and finish something!


How're Ya Lichen Me Now?

Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks is one of my favorite sock books, the Child's French Sock contained therein is one of my all-time favorite patterns of any kind. (I quite like Gentleman's Sock as well.) I suppose it doesn't hurt that these two pairs of socks I happened to knit with some rather lux yarn. At any rate, I am a big fan and have been a member of the Knitting Vintage Socks KAL for several years now... but, alas, have never participated in one of the KALs. Blasphemy, I know! Well I decided to put that right with this month's KAL:


This month's Sock du Jour is the Lichen Ribbed Sock, one of the simple ribbed socks from the beginning of the book that serve to explore different ribbing patterns, as well as, and perhaps more importantly, toe and heel shapings. The "lichen rib" is done up as a 3x1 rib all along the leg and top of the foot. The heel is a Welsh Heel and the toe the Star Toe of Three Points.


The Welsh Heel is interesting. It seems quite wide to me, but then, I have somewhat narrow feet to begin with. The number of stitches the heel is actually turned on is quite small, and unfortunately you can't really see it in the above photo. Nor can you see it in the following, which looks down the gusset from the point nearest the top of the foot. Ah, well. That shot, however, does portray the yarn in a positive light. See how nice and even the stitches are, even without blocking?


At any rate, I shortened the foot by 1/2 inch from what was written into the pattern in order to account for the extra space in the heel, as well as for the fact that I wear a US woman's 7.5 shoe, and the pattern is written (or, resized, really) for a woman's 8-9. Though it hasn't been washed yet (and of course I didn't swatch for a sock) it seems to have worked rather well. Only time will tell though.

I had hoped to have these done before the end of the month, though I only just cast on January 23! Had I cast on sooner this would have been an entirely reasonable goal - these socks in their slightly thick yarn and super simple pattern are extremely easy, and fast, to knit. I've already reached the heel flap of the second sock even as I type this. I may need some more socks soon, as more mayhem was discovered last night.

The jury's still out on the color (s) though. :)