It Is A Wonder That Anyone Grows This Stuff From Seeds At All

Here we have one of my most recently planted (recently being three weeks ago) basil varieties, the lovely-sounding lime basil:


Three weeks and they have barely put out a second (first true?) set of leaves. The lime basil has these cute little serrations in the first leaves that the other basils do not, but all of the basils are essentially the same size. I guess I have to retract what I said about the Burpee basil a while back, thinking that it was growing poorly. I guess that's just the way it grows. It's amazing anyone even tries to grow this stuff from seed. You get it from the garden center (though only a few "standard" varieties to be sure) and it already is a robust 6" (or bigger) plant, and can (emphasis on the can) take off like a weed. The Burpee basil is not even that big yet, though it is slowly growing. I eagerly await the day of planting out for the new kids on the block.


The currant tomatoes are only now beginning to put out a second set of true leaves. Don't know which this is, red or white, since I didn't keep that good of track. These were planted at the same time as the basil, and though they are further along they are still quite small. I wish I could remember when I planted the seven roma plants in the one pot, because those were earlier, though not by too much, I don't think, and they are considerably bigger. The waiting is torture.

One more plant picture:


Baby cucumbers! I planted these after the initial 3 seeds did not germinate when I direct sowed. This was really disappointing, as this is a rather more expensive heirloom variety, though I think now that maybe it was not warm enough to direct sow when I did. Anyway, we have cucumbers! Seedlings, anyway.

Work has continued on the doors:


Here they are almost stripped. Now they are in the bathroom almost 100% stripped (though not completely) I figure, it doesn't really matter that much since I'm painting them anyway. Next step is to buy some topcoat paint and we will see what we will see. I figure I might as well see this set through before wimping out and buying brand new doors instead. 

No further progress on Jeanie, or any other knitting, I've just been too tired. But still only one border (plus fixing the graft, then blocking) to go! There are four projects I have listed at 95% complete over at Ravelry - I really have to get on the ball and clear those out!

Finally, during the past two weeks we went from this to this (same station, different angle):




At 5:28 AM, Blogger Opal said...

Holy crap those gas prices are high! I wonder if you'll reach $5 this year. I seriously hope not!

At 6:51 AM, Blogger Veronique said...

So, have you chosen a color for the cabinet doors?
Your teeny plants look so cute!


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