Dear Blog,

My job is trying to kill me. Regular blogging will resume as soon as I have vanquished it. If, instead, it vanquishes me, well don't hold your breath waiting to hear from me.

Miss you,


PS Every kind of seed I planted 2 weeks ago has sprouted! Yes, possibly folly trying to grow things in the winter, but I live in zone 9b, which rarely dips below freezing, and even then only briefly. I have planted all cool weather and/or winter-hardy things too: carrot, rutabaga, turnip, radish, parsnip, snap peas, fava beans, bunching onion, winter lettuce, bok choy, mustard greens, nasturtium. I also planted dill and cilantro, we'll see what happens with those. My summer basil, while still alive, is not looking too well - I think the problem though actually is that they need a larger pot. Lowest temps of the season so far have been about 40 (which was a tad unusual, and a few weeks ago).